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Company Parties &

         Private Events

Why Teatro for You Event

You have lots of places to choose from in Warsaw for your next company event or private party.  No place can compare to Teatro's decor and vibe.  When you walk in you feel transported to another time and another place.  This combined with it's size, holding up to 800 people, the possibilities with up to 6 rooms and spaces to create smaller events or separate themes, knowledgeable event team to help plan your perfect event and make sure everything is done properly and professionally, well trained and experienced team to make sure all of your drinks and food are ready quickly and prepared properly, full kitchen to prepare all of your favorite dishes, and central location, Teatro Cubano Warsaw is your best choice for your next company party or private event.

Why Teatro

for Your Event

or Party?


Invite Everybody!

For events from 10 to 800 people!


Experienced Team

Our knowledgeable team will help you with all the details and organization to help make sure your events is perfect and under budget!


Fully Equiped

We have all the equipment you need on site to help you save money.  We also have technical support to ensure everything goes smooth.


Lots of Space

Over 1000 meters at your disposal with 6 possible separate spaces for smaller events or to combine for a big event.


Full Kitchen

Our experienced chefs can do it all and at a fraction of the price.   Browse the packages or contact us to create a custom menu at a great price.


Fully Customizable

What ever you can dream up, we are happy to help you make your event be the best!


Central Location

Teatro Cubano is located in the heart of Warsaw, with plenty of street parking all around and close to many public tranportation options for your guests to arrive on time and return safely.




Don't risk your event being served by part time bartenders and choose Teatro for our full team of professionaly trained and speedy.  Don't have your guests waiting or drinking bad drinks!


Enjoy a Discount!

Book directly through us and enjoy up to a 20% discount over booking through an agency!

Reasons to Make a Event in Tetro Cubano Warsaw

There are thousands of reasons to celebrate and reasons to host an event.  Whether you are looking to make a company party or host a get together for your class, Teatro Cubano will work with you to make any kind of event you might be able to think of.  Still need an excuse?  Check out some reasons to have an event or rent out Teatro Cubano below. 

What Will You Make 

in Teatro Cubano?

​Company Party

Holiday/Christmas Party

Fashion Show


Team Building Event

Birthday Party

Private Event

Product Launch

Awards Ceremony

Fashion Shoot

Charity Event

Name Day Party


Press Release

Video Shoot


School Party

No Reason Party

Party Attractions for Your Wasaw Event

Add some attractions to your event to make it a memorable one.

Attractions for

Your Event


LIve MusIc

Give your event that special live touch with a live band like our resident Cuban band or any of your choice.

Prices starting from 6500 PLN net for a quintet.


Dance PErformances and Lessons

One of our many dancers with years of performance and teaching experience will really get your event moving!

Prices starting from 1000PLN net for a dance couple.


Event VIdeo Recording

With an event video, your guests will be able to relive every great experience of your event!

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.



Your event in Teatro Cubano won't be complete without a live cigar and rum tasting and experiencing.

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.



Always a great way to create the party atmosphere, add a photo booth and watch the fun start!

Prices starting from 1000PLN net.


Event Actors: Magician, Jugglers, ETC.

Add a special touch to your comapny party with live entertainment mixed in with the crowd or preforming!

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.


Party Gadgets

Make your company's mark with custom gadgets with your company's branding!

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.



Add one or more of our diverse professional DJs to your event to create the right vibe for everyone to enjoy! 

Included in the price if within regular hours. For detailed packages, please e-mail us.


ProfessIonal Photagrapher

Don't forget to document the event and we have several professional photogrpahers to capture all the best shots!

Prices starting from 500PLN net.



Your private event won't be forgotten with music demonstrations and lessons for your guests to experience! 

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.


Team BuILDING Bartender Lessons

Get your guests shaking as they take their turn behind the bar learning how to prepare original Cuban cocktails!

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.


Muzyka na Żywo

Muzyka na żywo świetnie wpłynie na zebranych gości, a nasz zaprzyjaźniony, kubański zespół Ci w tym doskonale pomoże. 

Cena od 6500 PLN netto za kwintet.



Give your guests the chance to be in the spotlight with a karaoke room at your event! 

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.


Theme Parties and Decorations

We can help create and decorate any theme with our large inventory and experience on decorating for everything!

Prices agreed individually depending on the requirements.

Venue Stats and Capabilities

Teatro Cubano Warsaw has the right stuff to make your event location decision an easy one with some of the best and most flexible option of any club, bar, restaurant, event space, or theater in Warsaw!

Technical  Stats

and Capabilities



Space for everyone with lots of options to reserve seperate areas for smaller parties.



Shake your groove thing all over and use the space for separate themes or music styles!



Create a special VIP entrance for your guests or rent just part of the venue with a special entrance.



Create performances, give awards,, or make presentation on one of the stages!


WATT Sound System

Plenty of power to get the party going and to get your guests shaking it!



No one will be waiting for a delicious cocktail with all the bars at Teatro Cubano Warsaw!



No need to hold it with conveniently located toilets in severa areas!



Lots of space to help your guests quickly loose their coats and get the party started!


DJ Booths

Lots of spaces to play your favorite tunes and get the party going!


Sound Areas

Create special themes or atmospheres with Teatro's ability to have separate tunes and loudness.

Venue and Reservation Map

Hover over a highlighted area on the venue layout to see capacity and main features for a given area to help you plan your event.

Reservations    Layout



Bar and Seating



Standing: 110

Seating: 50-80




Havana Club: HC3 

bar, seating, and stage


Seating: 100-250, Standing/Dancing: 350

Seating: 18

Standing: 35

La Bodega del Ron

bar and seating

Seating:  50-80

Standing/Dancing: 90-110

HC Sellecion


Seating: 25

Standing: 60

Havana Club HC7

bar, seating, and stage

Seating: 18-60

Standing: 100

Event Gallery and Past Realizations

Venue Gallery and

Past Realizations

Example Packages



Here are examplary packages priced per person for an open bar of 6h duration.  We are happy to work with you to create a special package and negotiate a price that fits your budget. In Teatro we serve not only drinks but also food. You can enjoy our catering options listed below as well. Contact us to let us know what you are interested in so as we can customize the offer especially for you.

       Open bar packages

100 PLN net/person

+ 20 PLN/H for extension 

- coffee/tea

- soft drinks

- beer

- white and red wine

135 PLN net/person

+25 PLN/H for extnesion

- coffee/tea

- soft drinks

- beer

- white and red wine

- vodka

- Rum (drinks: Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri)

160 PLN net/person

+ 30 PLN/H for extension

- coffee/tea

- soft drinks

- beer

- white and red wine

- vodka

- rum

(drinks: Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri)

- whisky

180 PLN net/person

+ 35 PLN/H for extension

- coffee/tea

- soft drinks

- beer

- white and red wine

- vodka

- rum (drinks: Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri)

- whisky

- gin

- tequila

       Catering packages

Package I - Finger food

300 gram cena 85 zł netto/os

- mini tacos z tuńczykiem

- roladka z kurczaka
z musem pomarańczowym

- piadini z warzywami
i kremowym serkiem

- muffiny z czerwonej fasoli z kremowym
serkiem i chorizo

- chipsy z platana z salsa pomidorowa

- empanadas z wołowym picadillo

- mini sałatka z owoców tropikalnych z
dressingiem mietowo-limonkowym

Package II

400 gram cena 130 zł netto/os

- chrupiace nachos z guacamole
i salsa pomidorowa
- mini tostadas z tuńczykiem,
wedzonym chipotle i kolendra
- piadini z wołowina i warzywami
z ostrym sosem pomidorowym

- chrupiaca quesadilla z szarpanym
kurczakiem w pikantnym sosie adobo
- kotleciki buraczane na sosie
z sera plesniowego

- mus z gorzkiej czekolady i chili
z dodatkiem chutney z brzoskwiń

Package III 

450 gram cena 145 zł netto/os

- tacos z pieczonym miesem
wieprzowym i salsa mango
- nachos z salsa pomidorowa
- sałatka z pikantna wołowina
- rolada z kurczaka z musem
ananasowym i chili
- piadini z pasta z pieczonych
warzyw i chrupiacym platanem

- tacos z pieczonym miesem
wieprzowym i salsa mango
- nachos z salsa pomidorowa
-sałatka z pikantna wołowina
- rolada z kurczaka z musem
ananasowym i chili
- piadini z pasta z pieczonych
warzyw i chrupiacym platanem

Package IV

450 gram cena 170 zł netto/os

- chipsy z platana podane z guacamole
- tortilla z warzywami
- sałatka ze swiezych warzyw ogrodowych
- muffiny z czerwonej fasoli
z kremowym serkiem i chorizo

- krem z czarnej fasoli LUB
- krem z pieczonej dyni

- wieprzowa ropa vieja
- wołowe picadillo
- pałki z kurczaka w marynacie mojo
- puree dyniowo-ziemniaczane
- ryz z fasola

- flan
- owoce sezonowe

Package V

450 gram cena 230 zł netto/os

- mini tostadas z tuńczykiem, wedzonym
chipotle i kolendra
- piadini z ajvarem, grillowanym ananasem
i serem halloumi
- chrupiace nachos podane z guacamole
- wytrawne babeczki z musem
z pieczonego kurczaka adobo z mango
- sałatka z awokado i quinoa
- rolada z kurczaka z musem
z pomarańczy i płatkami chili
- sałatka z daktylami, pomarańcza,
figami oraz prazonymi migdałami

- grillowany szaszłyk z krewetek
z mango, chili i ryzem
- pieczony łosoś teriyaki, ryż mango
i kokosem w sakiewce
-mini burger chili con carne
- kotlet z ciecierzycy na grillowanych

- deser z komosy ryżowej
- owoce sezonowe

Package VI

450 gram cena 250 zł netto/os

- sałatka z pikantna wołowina i granatem
- sałatka z awokado i quinoa
- muffiny marchewkowe z musem imbirowym
- roladki z grillowanej cukini z serem feta
i pomidorkami cherry
- tartinki z wedzonym łososiem i kawiorem
-tortilla z wieprzowina i sosem sweet chili
- tartaletki na krakersach z wedzonym
kurczakiem i twarozkiem czosnkowym
- krem pomidorowo-marchewkowy
z mlekiem kokosowym i imbirem LUB
- zupa z czarnej fasoli z batatami
i pieczonym kurczakiem

- delikatna wołowina w sosie amerykańskim
- pieczony łosos w sakiewce w sosie koperkowym
- medaliony z indyka w sosie truflowym
-poledwiczki wieprzowe w sosie grzybowym

- pieczony ziemniak z wedzonym twarogiem
i szczypiorkiem
- ryz pilaf z palonym masłem
- warzywne chili sin carne
- grillowana brukselka mojito


- ciasta domowe
- owoce sezonowe
- mus czekoladowy

Add your organization to the list of happy companies and groups that have worked with us in the past. On average we organize 3 big company's events per month. We have successfully delivered events for companies from beauty, pharma, banking, IT and Telco, goods & services and  many more industries.

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