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    General questions

Reservations FAQs

Do you play salsa/bachata/etc.?

Sort of. Sometimes. Mainly earlier in the evening before there are too many people, from 22:00 till 23:30 the music is often peppered with songs to dance in those styles, even in pairs, but later during the evening there is considerably less and often too many people to dance in pairs.



Is Teatro Cubano a "Latin" club?

No. Teatro Cubano is a venue with parties 7 nights and a great place to meet friends for drinks after work or dance till dawn (or later). There is between 30% and 70% "Latin" based music depending on the dance floor with social dancing mostly only possible on weeknights and or earlier in the evening before there are too many people.



Is there an entrance fee?

From Sunday till Wednesday you can enjoy free entrance. On Thursday entrance is free until 23h00, after 23h00 - 20PLN. On Friday entrance costs 20PLN until 23h00, after 23h00 - 30PLN.. On Saturday till 23h00 there is an entrance fee of 30 PLN, after 23h00 - 40 PLN per person.  If you want to skip the line we offer a fast entrance at 60PLN per person on Friday and 80PLN per person on Saturday.


Can I pay by card at Teatro Cubano?

Yes. We accept both cash and card payments.

You can pay by card for the entrance fee as well as at the bar (with no lower limit).

Only for the cloakroom you need to pay in cash.




If you want to enjoy the Teatro Cubano to the fullest, we recommend a table reservation with a bottle service.

You can  make such a reservation in advance by using our online booking system or at the door by asking the host.

For the table reservation in advance, go the the Reservations section or click the button on the right hand side of this page.


How many people can sit a table?

The maximum number of people at a table is listed when you click on a given table in our online booking system. You can add a max of 2 more people to a table as a "standing room" who will pay 50% of the entrance fee valid on a given day and be able to skip the line with your reservation.

Can I book the table in advance?

Yes. In order to make the reservation please use our online booking system in the Reservations section or click on the "Book table" button on the right hand side of this page.

Our system will guide you step by step through the reservation process.

Can I book the table at the door?

Yes. Ask our host at the door if there are any tables left for booking.

How to make table reservation for a larger group?

If you are planning to visit us in a larger group and would like to book a table you can use our online reservation system and choose couple of tables that are next to each other or e-mail us the reservation details at and we will come back to you with a matching proposition.

If you are planning a special event, check our Company & Private Events section for more information.

Do I need to pay a deposit for a table reservation?

Yes. A deposit of 100 PLN per table is required for each of the reservations.

How much costs the table reservation?

The table reservation costs 480 PLN. This price includes:

- 200 PLN fee for table zone area entrance (for a maximum of 6 people) - 50% of the sum is required as a deposit while making a reservation in advance.

- 235 PLN fee for a special offer on a bottle (a bottle of your choice - Havana Club 7 años or Havana Club Especial) and 1L of soft drink;

- 45 PLN for the service charge.

When my reservation gets cancelled?

If you don't claim your reservation within the 30mins from the scheduled time it automatically gets cancelled.

Lost Items FAQs


    Items & Cloakroom Information

If you have lost or left any of your personal belongings at Teatro, e-mail us at stating the date and time of loss, precise description of the item and place you think you've lost it. Please also include your full name and contact phone number. We'll check if among the lost and left items we have anything matching your description and will contact you as soon as we can.


Is there a cloakroom?

Yes. There are 4 cloakrooms at Teatro Cubano.


How much costs the cloakroom?

5 PLN per item.

There is an extra charge (10 PLN) for the bags.



What can I leave at the cloakroom?

You can leave your coat, jacket or bag.

Please remember not to leave any valuable items as Teatro Cubano does not take the responsibility for the items left in the cloakroom.



What if I lose the cloakroom bracelet number?

You'll be charged a fee of 30 PLN  and in order to collect your items you'll have to describe them precisely. Please remember that collecting your items i.e. at the weekends might take a while if you don't have the bracelet number.

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